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Quietude Counselling

Quietude Counselling provides counselling to individuals and couples who are in need of finding a way forward to live more harmonious and fulfilling lives.


My name is Lindsey Huggins, MBACP

and I am the founder and owner of Quietude Counselling

The name of Quietude Counselling comes from a poem by Rupert Brooke “I have a need to busy my heart with quietude”. The line struck a chord with me many years ago when stressed during exams and it has stayed with me.  I think many of us yearn to feel this quiet calm in our lives and relationships and struggle to find it, especially in the very stressful times we have experienced over the last couple of years.

My aim as founder of Quietude Counselling is to help you work towards your goals so that you can experience your own life the way you want to.

It could be you struggle with anxiety, depression or relationship issues. Counselling can help you manage and minimise those issues.

Research shows that human connectivity is one of the key factors in life satisfaction, health and happiness,  but few of us have ever been taught how to manage relationships and communication effectively.  I will help you look at how you communicate with your loved ones,  whether that is adult children, parents,  friends or romantic relationships and how past relationship patterns may be adversely affecting your present relationships.

  • I am fully qualified and accredited with the National Counselling Society and work with both individuals and couples. I work in an integrative style using humanistic, deep listening techniques combined with some Gestalt work, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis.
  • I work from my private practice situated between Torquay and Paignton and am also happy to run zoom or telephone counselling sessions.
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15 minute telephone chat

I am happy to have a 15 minute telephone chat free of charge to help you decide if you would like to go forward.



My work with individual clients will focus on what they want to achieve or change in their lives and how to bring that about.

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Close loving relationships are one of the most rewarding aspects of a person’s life but can seem like the hardest to achieve and maintain.


“My relationship with my daughter feels so much better now, thank you”

“I don’t know how I would have got through this without your guidance”

“I feel informed to make better choices in my life now”

One Day Workshop

 Creating Successful Personal Relationships